Best Toilet Papers in India

Toilet papers or toilet tissues, are products that are needed on a daily basis in homes or offices, restaurants, hotels and any other place which is a hygiene spot. It’s a little debatable in a culture like India, whether toilet papers are used immensely in loos or not, yet change in lifestyle brings transitions.

Almost everyone has a toilet paper brand that they are loyal to, which provides them high quality, and cleaning satisfaction. Some like to keep options with fluctuating prices, while others experiment with different brands, yet struggling to find their best.

Well if you fall under any of the above categories, then here’s the blog, that will be informative enough for you to choose your best in the best price, without really having to compromise on the brands. So, let’s get started!

The best in hygiene option:

Toilet papers are hygienic to use and also easily disposable. Its most convenient to use in places where water availability is at scarce risk. But moreover, toilet papers can immensely help in keeping the surroundings clean, as they have no littering or spilling problem.

You can also use toilet paper for various household and kitchen chores too. It is much efficient in cleaning, slab wares or dining tables etc. moreover carrying toilet papers is easy and does not take large spaces.

History of toilet papers:

Well it is a little interesting and intriguing to know, where did the idea of dry cleaning was actually invented, and answer is in the lands of china. China was the first country that invented dry-cleaning toilet papers and started using it extensively too.

There is a certain myth, that relates to having America being the brain behind developing toilet which is not true. Commercially, toilet papers were introduced in American in the year 1857. Before which it is believed that they used newspapers or corncobs before this, and hence toilet paper was a genius step towards advancing their hygiene.

From the late 20th century onwards, many companies started commercially manufacturing toilet papers, and hence the trend in the world today. Stats suggest that alone in the US around 10$ billion is spent by households for toilet paper, now that is a lot of economy behind roll of papers!

Myth of toilet paper versus water sprays:

It is highly debatable, whether water sprays or toilet paper are better towards cleaning and maintaining hygiene, because it is a cultural difference, as well as depends on the thought process of every individual.

Hence both the methods of cleaning have their own pros and cons too. If we try to understand, then invention of toilet paper has been collectively a mindful invention, considering the water scarcity around the world, and the amount of water that goes waste only in fecal cleaning of people.

Also, toilet papers can come to rescue in a lot of loos, where drainage is not an option, of where spilling water would create a mess. The use of toilet papers has been a huge practice of daily lives of the people now, so much so that they cannot imagine to conceive their lives without it now.

How to choose a good toilet paper:

Now there is no rocket science, to understand or follow protocols for choosing toilet papers. Yet the two basic factors that you should consider while choosing a good toilet paper can be:

  1. Brand of toilet paper: the quality of toilet paper depends from brand to brand, and hence if you are a regular user of one, its better to stich to a branded company, rather than cheap one. Better brands provide you good quality toilet papers that can be used without hassle, and gives you that ultimate cleaning satisfaction.
  2. Price: another most important factor to consider is the price of the toilet paper. You obviously cannot sell golds to buy a good toilet paper, nor can you compromise on quality for a cheap one, therefore, comparing the price from brands to brands is necessary.

Look for a brand that is in the middle of being too luxurious and too expensive. Also, one that has good quantity too, or that you have heard about has been an efficient toilet paper. The market is flooded with different brands, so it could be a difficult choice, but go with what you feel appeals the most.


Fecal hygiene is very important, no matter what the methods of cleaning are, and hence toilet papers selection is again an important factor to maintain the same. If you feel skeptical about a certain brand, then review it, or ask for feedbacks, which can definitely help you choose the best.

Only choose a toilet paper brand if you completely satisfied with it and you feel fit to use it. Remember no compromise, when the matter is about cleanliness and health. Compare prices of toilet papers with different brands before you buy any.

If you are little adventurous, try experimenting with few brands before jumping in conclusion to choose one of them. Looking for choices is not at all bad. Select an all-purpose toilet paper that can be easily used anywhere and the one that you can also carry, and remember to always use a fresh piece of toilet paper.

Once you have all the doubts cleared go ahead and get the one you feel confident about, and remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.…