Spring Eco-friendly House Cleaning Challenge

Spring has come! I expect with the series of long weekends and tiresome lock down a lot of cleaning is left to do. Exactly why there is a challenge called the Spring Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Challenge! The most delightful present for cleaning lovers and for people who are a teeny bit lazy to refresh the house. The challenge believes to be perfected with every person’s hard work and spirit put forth on the right path.

There are certain points to bring to the attention of how this spring cleaning can be very helpful:

· For removal of extra dust and cobwebs in the attic.

· A proper ventilation technique

· Cleaning fans

· Organizing everything again in a different order for a new look for the rooms


The pure bliss of having natural ventilation other than air conditioners and fans. Let the room feel free of the trapped four walls and use the tiny door to increase sunlight and ventilation. It helps get free of bacteria without any pesticide help and gets rid of any smelly odour present in the house. The most compact way to clear home is mini vacuum cleaner.

Use of reusable cloths

Tired of the tissue process. Pull, clean, throw and repeat. Excessive harm to the environment too. The only way to lessen it would be to reuse the cloth for dusting and cleaning. Use of soft cotton cloths for dusting will help a lot as they will clear up the dust and when washed will be as new as when bought. Worn out clothes are also very useful during this cleaning time.

Rid of toxic cleaners

Colin spray, Harpic etc. can be kept aside if you wish for eco-friendly cleaning. The use of vinegar, lemon oil and baking soda can be used for an eco-friendly cleaning process. The white part between the tiles which seemed to turn black with time and the sides of the kitchen which have been infested with cooking disasters can spill outs can be cleaned with baking soda. A little baking soda and water and a dried old toothbrush can do the trick. Scrub, scrub to have bright white tiles.

Vinegar can be used to clean chimneys, stainless steel, toilet bowls and sink. Spread vinegar around the toilet bowl, let it sit for 30 minutes and scrub till it looks clean. For stainless steel, use vinegar on a cloth and wipe it thoroughly to give a new polished look.

For tub and sinks, pour vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on the darkened areas and let it stay for 30 mins before washing off with water.

Vinegar can also be used to clean greasy surfaces of the stove, just wipe with a dry cloth and 50/50 vinegar and water.

For cleaning carpets essential oils can be used; lemon essential oil 1-2 drops, baking soda, white vinegar and a terry towel. Mix lemon oil and baking soda, then sprinkle on spot, mix 1:1 water and vinegar and use as many applications needed on the rugs and carpets.

Clear clutters

The extra items you could not get rid of… now is the time. Set out spaces for better organizing and keep daily necessities and in a reachable path. Clean out cobwebs and the leftover mouse traps, fill the spaces with cement filling for a new room look. Just as a fun thought paint murals on the empty walls or some specific styles and texture you would enjoy looking at. Another alternative is a wallpaper for the better view of walls. The cardboard boxes should be filled with old things and labelled and set in the attic in an organized place. Plants should be placed near the windowsill for better ventilation.

Insect invasions

A long time without cleaning can leave insect homes very prominent in the kitchen or storeroom. A non-toxic way to get rid of pesticides is; just use a damp cloth to wipe away the localization of the insects and it works ninety-eight per cent of the time. Another way to get rid of them would be; diatomaceous earth can be used to sprinkle around and is safe for kids and will get rid of the insects.

Involve the family

What is a cleaning session without the help of a family? If chores are assigned for every week, why not for the spring-cleaning session. Three people could be assigned for the carpet cleaning. Kitchen and bathroom duties could be alternated between time gaps. What is better than a few more hands for the beautiful clean spree. The time spent with family will increase and help in guiding and developing more strong teamwork from a young age.

The spring-cleaning session should gladly be done once in two weeks and clearing out to live in a better and clean environment is what every person deserves in this world.


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